Refer a Friend

“We are offering a referral fee of up to $250,000 to whoever refers our buyer” says Owner Bob Fisher.


Registration must be done by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

To help us find the new owner for Sagee Manor, we have created the Refer a Friend program. Through this program, we are offering a referral fee to the person or persons who send us the buyer for Sagee Manor. The fee is 1.39% of the sales price, up to a total of $250,000.

The fee will of course only be paid where permitted by applicable law. For example, North Carolina law does not allow such a fee to be paid to a person not licensed to sell real estate in North Carolina if any activities associated with the referral occur in the State of North Carolina

To be included in the Refer a Friend Program one must register with Sagee Manor, preferably prior to making contact with potential prospects. Once the closing of Sagee Manor occurs, all registered referral sources will be contacted at the email addresses they provide on their registration form, to identify the successful referral source or sources. An independent third party will evaluate all claims and determine referral fee payment. (See details in the Registration Form.)

Registrations will not be accepted after closing, and since only registered referral sources will be notified of a closing, early registration of your name as a potential referral source is important. Referral sources will not have any other way of knowing about a closing except through this notification. Also note that prospect names are not asked for on this registration form.

Referral Registration Form

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