Option 1:

21.4-Acre Mountaintop with Panoramic Views Offered for $10.9 million


Sagee Manor Estate on 10.2 acres, including:

  • Main House with 4 Bedrooms, 4 Full and 4 Half Baths, Two Offices, Sleeping Porch and 7 Fireplaces
  • Post & Beam Dining Pavilion with Dual Fireplaces
  • Guest House with 3 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, Fireplace, Porch and Full Kitchen
  • Numerous Gardens (Cutting, Herb, Vegetable, etc.) with Potting Shed
  • Pool Pavilion with Full Bath, Heated Pool and Spa
  • Croquet Court Surrounded by Boxwood Hedge and Antique Stone Niches
  • Stone Roundel Pavilion with views into South Carolina
  • Upper Meadow, Woodlands, Rare Native Plants and Trails
  • Site Available for Helipad

Shared Ownership of 11.2 acres, including:

  • Three Sets of Stone Gates and 1/3-mile Landscaped Entrance Drive
  • Two Story Native Stone Overlook
  • Rock Garden, Lower Meadow, Pond and Pond House
  • Extensive Woodlands, Rare Native Plants and Trails
  • Equipment Buildings with Property Manager Office


Option 2:

Entire 48.4-Acre Mountaintop Offered for $17.9 million
  • All of the above plus 27 pristine acres comprising entire mountaintop; suitable for future development if desired (site plan available)
  • 360-degree panoramic views


Broker Fees

A sales commission of 3% of the sales price (less any applicable referral fee payable under the Seller’s Referral Program, see Refer A Friend, of 1.396% of the Sales Price up to $250,000) will be paid to a Buyer’s Broker (a Broker with a valid agency agreement with the Buyer in place at the time of the closing) upon closing and from the sales price. The sales price excludes any consideration to be paid by Buyer to Seller for furnishings, artwork, and other personal property associated with the Property.

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