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News on Sagee Manor will be breaking fast over the next several months. We want to keep everyone informed. Please check here for new developments!



Online Brochure International Herald Tribune Ad

The ideal new owner of Sagee Manor may be an “out-of-market” prospect who may not as yet be aware that Highlands is the ideal place to have such a retreat. He/she may not yet have heard about Highlands or even have an active interest in owning another substantial piece of real estate. We must not only reach these “passive” prospects; we must sell them on Sagee Manor as the ideal estate, as well as Highlands as the ideal location. (Of course selling them on Highlands should be much easier now that Barron’s has selected Highlands as one of its Top 20 Second Home Communities!)

To reach these “passive,” “out-of-market” prospects, we are putting in place a short (8 to 12 weeks), intense national and international marketing campaign (focused on “lifestyle” rather than “real estate” advertising). We are currently booking approximately $200,000 of advertising, running primarily in May and June, in hopes of driving a very large volume of web traffic to our site, designed to sell not only Sagee Manor but the entire Highlands Plateau. In addition, we are running multiple, full-page ads in Garden & Gun,Veranda, and possibly Wine Spectator –all lifestyle rather than real estate media. We are also working with the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and International Herald Tribune. In The New York Times, we are booking nationwide coverage in the Sunday Edition with 1/4-page ads for 4-6 weeks running, probably in the front section, with the aim of generating huge traffic of viewers to the website.

We are expecting that our website,, will have well over 200,000 unique visitors over the next few months. This is, of course, to the benefit of all in the area. There can be but one winning buyer of Sagee Manor, but there will be many, many more energized prospects whose interest in having a second home on the Highlands Plateau will be peaked by our marketing efforts. And whoever buys Sagee Manor will undoubtedly want to continue investing in the area, drawing friends and associates to become owners in our community as well.

This is the first effort of its kind of which we are aware to launch a major, truly national and international advertising campaign to actively market Highlands Plateau real estate to “out-of-market” prospects. We wouldn’t be surprised if our marketing efforts generate in excess of $100 million in incremental Plateau real estate sales (in addition to Sagee Manor) over the next two years!

As soon as publications with our ads hit newsstands, we will post them here.